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Konsten att boka kundmöten

Konsten att boka kundmöten – bli en mästare på 60 minuter! Den första svenska e-trainingen.

Vill du ta kontroll över din försäljning och fylla kalendern med intressanta säljmöten som kan leda till affärer? I denna e-training får du en metodik för att:

  • Bygga upp en trovärdig LinkedIn profil
  • Hitta potentiella kunder på innovativa sätt
  • Göra ett besöksbokningsmanus som får kunden att säga ”kom nu”
  • Boka möten med idé som kunden blir intresserad av
  • Hantera invändningar, sekreterare och komma förbi växeln
  • Strukturera din kalender så du hinner med prospektering
  • Bygga upp din mentala styrka

Träningen innehåller 15 videos, boken ”konsten att boka kundmöten, mallar samt extra bonusmaterial. Den innehåller korta uppgifter, bl a att göra ett telefonmanus som du får feedback på av våra tränare.

Swedish demo

Solution Selling introduction

Sales people and their managers are constant on the run, engaging in clients and selling. The need for inspiration, knowledge and smartness has never been greater as the demands on performance is growing.

To train as you go, to make a pitstop and practice deep knowledge and to get individual improving feedback is the new Sales Makeover training model.

This way sales people and their sales managers can get a fast ROI on the training investment by quickly implementing Solution Selling tools in the selling.

You will learn about Solution Sellings 6 principles, customer buying process and the very popular selling tool; The Sales Compass.

English demoSwedish demo

Social Selling

This e-training will create your path to success as a Social Selling Master! This means that you need to learn a lot about LinkedIn, what the customers are looking for and how to use the time you spend on LinkedIn to get the most out of sales efforts. LinkedIn has developed an index that they call for the SSI (Social Selling Index). It ranges from 0-100 points. The index measures your presence on LinkedIn and there is a clear connection between a high SSI (70+) and high sales. SSI measures four areas, which give 25 points each:

  • Your profile, that it is complete
  • That you find the right people
  • That you engage and contribute ideas and relevant content
  • Contacting people, building relationships and booking meetings

The training is based on the following sections:

Introducing LinkedIn

  • About social selling and Linkedin
  • How customers use LinkedIn
  • What results you can count on
  • Knowledge Evaluation

To use LinkedIn for social sales

  • Your profile
  • Finding the right people
  • To create commitment and contribute ideas
  • To contact and do business
  • To share in everyday life
English demoSwedish demo