Solution Selling training

Solution Selling training by Sales Makeover

What does it take to become a professional sales person and manager?
Hard work and learning by doing is not enough if you want to succeed and stay successful.

Solution Selling best practices, sales process and training will give you the platform you
need to advance your sales results and manage others to become successful salespeople.

Solution Selling is about:

#1 Understanding and mastering the customers buying process
#2 Create attraction and demand for your offerings
#3 Manage the sales process, from prospecting to contract negotiation

Learn and master the six elements of Solution Selling:

PAIN: Why should your customers consider your offer?
POWER: Who are your customers key decisionmakers?
SALES PROCESS: How can you manage the buying process?
VALUE: How can you motivate your customers investment?
SOLUTION: What is the solution the clients wants to buy?
COMPETITION: Do you have a competitive advantage?

Through the Solution Selling training you will be able to apply the best practices and sales system from Solution Selling and our over 25 years of global sales experience on your sales cases.

Upon completion of the training you will receive a international certificate of Solution Selling.

17.900 SEK (excluding VAT)

Training days 2018

16-17 January (Basic)
30-31 January (Advanced)
12-13 February (Negotiation)
6-7 Mars (Basic)
15-16 May (Basic)

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16-17 Jan30-31 Jan12-13 Feb6-7 Mar15-16 May

Terms and conditions

Included in training price are Sales compass, training manual, book “Co-creative selling”,
templates, e-learning and pocket guide. The workshop fee will be invoiced, at 10 days net
payment terms, when signing up for the workshop.

If participant cant come to training the participant can give the training seat att the workshop
to another person or attend another workshop within 12 months from the workshop date.

If the participant can not do any of the actions the participant will pay a cancellation fee of 30% of the workshop fee.