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We train ambitious salespeople and leaders around the globe.

We advice companies to create sales systems, sales processes, coaching programs that increase sales margins and sales forecast accuracy.

We study trends, share learnings and publish books.

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Meet the team

Jens Edgren


Jens Edgren; CEO. Trained sales people and managers since 1989. Certified Solution Selling® instructor and DISC personality analysis coach. Author of five books in the field of complex sales.

M: jens@salesmakeover.se
P: +46 70 799 88 00

Jim Palmquist

Solution Selling® expert

Jim has worked as regional manager, Sales Manager and CEO for the past 20 years. He has two successful implementations of Solution Selling behind him and is currently a coach and advisor, focused on creating growth and controlled sales processes.

Göran Almén

Solution Selling® expert

M: +46 70 931 03 46

Mattias Lundberg

Marketing & E-training Manager

Has been working with marketing communication since 2010 in several different branches. Video producer and editor.
M: mattias@salesmakeover.se
P: +46 76 177 17 10